The Claremont Evaluation Center’s (CEC) EDEVAL Lab operates at the intersection of EDucation, DEVelopment, and EVALuation. We believe every individual has unique capacities and contributions to make and this potential is unleashed through education. Led by Dr. Nazanin Zargarpour, Senior Research Fellow at the CEC and supported a team of the nation’s most talented graduate students, with rigorous training in applied research and evaluation and content expertise in education. The Lab applies the science of evaluation to advance our clients’ development and education goals through strategic planning, applied research, and evaluation. Our evidence-based, asset-driven, and stakeholder-engaged approach facilitates shared vision, builds capacity, and ensures sustained results.

Areas of focus include: college access and success, P-12 and higher education, and international development education. Our range of local, national, and international projects provides tremendous opportunities for students to gain hands on professional experience, further develop capabilities and skills, gain presentation and publication experience, and expand their professional network. A first-year Master’s student in Educational Evaluation describes her experience in the EDEVAL Lab, “I’ve been welcomed into a conducive environment for mentorship, growth, and capacity building. The theory I’ve been educated on in a classroom setting comes to life through direct application in the diverse projects available in the Lab.”


We are always looking for enthusiastic hard working students to join the lab. We take a development approach with our lab members. We only require dedication and commitment. Please click on the link below to learn more about joining the lab.

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We are happy to extend the opportunity to work as a lab member to undergraduates.

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