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help improve, add value to, and build capacity in organizations, programs, and communities and impact policy and practice across the United States and internationally.


Strategic Planning

International Development

We apply rigorous, state-of-the-art applied research and evaluation procedures to validate and improve the effectiveness of a wide range of projects, programs, policies and organizations. Our stakeholder-engaged approach ensures clarity of purpose, meaningful questions, and ultimate use of evaluation findings. Evaluation services may include developing a program theory logic model, building monitoring and evaluation systems and raising capacity for implementation, developing evaluation tools and protocols, and conducting process and outcome evaluations. Our evaluations have assisted clients to drive significant improvements in program outcomes, expand program scale, increase fiscal support, attain greater visibility and support, impact communities, and inform policy and practice in the field.

Our unique and rigorous approach is stakeholder-engaged and applies the science of research and evaluation to the art of strategic planning. We begin by exploring the reality of your current setting through baseline data collection, including surveys and focus groups with key stakeholder groups, observation, and internal and external environmental scans as appropriate. We examine strengths and needs using a Bright Spots approach. Based on these findings, we develop an Action Plan comprised of strategic priority areas, evidence-based strategies and actions, and goals and milestones. Our work, at every step, is informed by stakeholder input, rigorous research methods and evaluation procedures, and research-based practices.

As an invested external partner, deeply experienced in the field of international development, the art of strategic planning, and the science of monitoring and evaluation, we are well poised to assist international development organizations and programs in strategic program design, planning, monitoring, and evaluation. We combine content knowledge, methodological rigor, and cultural sensitivity in a participatory approach, as appropriate, to ensure rigorous and meaningful products and optimize organizational capacity building. In addition to strategic planning, program monitoring, and evaluation, our services include curriculum development and training for evaluation capacity building.  

Over 300 client organizations served effectively: community-based organizations; local educational agencies; schools, colleges & universities; local to international policy-making entities

  • Over 100 programs have benefited from our evaluations
  • Over 500 practitioners trained in evidence-based and data-driven practices
  • 100s of organizational, district, regional, & continental stakeholders empowered through evidence-based strategic planning
  • 100s of 1000s of individuals and families positively impacted through our services
  • Positive transformation achieved in policies & structures of society


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