Regional Learning Collaborative


The Regional Learning Collaborative (RLC) is a regionally-committed, intersegmental education pipeline partnership in Pomona and the surrounding Inland Empire, with the mission to facilitate student advancement to and through college and into living wage jobs. The RLC operationalizes this mission by bringing together education leaders from P-12 districts, institutions of higher education, and supporting community-based educational organizations across the regional pipeline, to align institutional policies, programs, and practices and implement high-impact strategies that ensure college and career readiness, effective transitions, and degree completion for all students, particularly for low-income students.  

The RLC was founded in 2015 by Dr. Zargarpour at the Claremont Evaluation Center (CEC), in partnership with Pomona Unified School District (PUSD) and Educational Results Partnership (ERP), and encompasses over 40 regional education pipeline partners, 6 national expert partners, 4 funders, and Pomona Mayor’s Office. All of these partners have remained committed to the work of the Collaborative and are engaged in supporting RLC goals. In 2017, the RLC developed a three-prong strategic plan focused on (1) dual enrollment and (2) vertical articulation to ensure academic readiness for postsecondary success among students. As prerequisite to dual enrollment, multiple measures placement and corequisite education were adopted to improve students’ opportunities for college access and persistence. A third strategy, (3) college mentorship focused on socio-emotional preparation and college knowledge for academically at-risk students was supported through other funding sources and aimed to develop the competencies, knowledge, and understanding needed for college and career readiness.


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“The Office of the Mayor is proud to support the extraordinary commitment and collaboration among pipeline educational institutions in Pomona and the surrounding region, through our Regional Learning Collaborative. We have already impacted 10s of 1000s of students, and we are committed to building on these tremendous outcomes for students and families.”
— Honorable Mayor Tim Sandoval, City of Pomona
When we work collaboratively, we can inform what happens beyond our own communities. We can put aside personal organizations and allocate both responsibilities and strengths; which all come together to strengthen everyone’s communities.
— Stephanie Baker, Pomona USD, CAO & Deputy Superintendent
The commitment that has been demonstrated through the Regional Learning Collaborative is focused on preparing all students for a college environment, whether or not they enter immediately after high school. It is important that we continue improving opportunities for all students in the region to access post-secondary education.
— Superintendent Richard Martinez, Pomona USD
The Pomona Regional Learning Collaborative provided the spark which ignited our partnership with Pomona Unified School District in the areas of dual enrollment credit classes during the school year and graduation credit recovery classes in summer. As a result, PUSD student graduation rates and college going rates have increased measurably.
— President Dr. William Scroggins, Mt. San Antonio College