Our clients' satisfaction is demonstrated by long-lasting, positive client relationships. Our services add value:

  • 100% of our evaluation clients receive renewed contracts

  • 100% of our recommendations are implemented by clients

  • 100% of coaching clients achieve performance growth

  • 100% of clients achieve program improvements and expansion


7 years of positive academic growth... Much of our success can be attributed to the leadership that [Dr. Zargarpour and her team] provided.
— Palmdale High School
Galvanizing a community of learners to look deeply at themselves to celebrate their successes and identify next steps.
— Upland Unified School District
Broad, rich knowledge and a sincere, deep commitment to social justice in education. It has inspired me.
— Virginia Kelsen, Assistant Principal
Our teachers were able to engage in precise professional development, targeted for groups of students and teaching levels. Our relationship was an integral part of moving our school forward.
— Roger Fasting, Former Assistant Principal, Palmdale High School
[Dr. Zargarpour] developed and implemented a very thorough evaluation process that engaged all stakeholders in reflection and dialogue about the current status and hopes for their school.
— Assistant Superintendent, Unified School District
The practitioners bring the necessary experience and leadership to make practical sense of that data and effect changes in the real world. This provides a synergistic relationship between researcher and practitioner.
— Wayne Snyder, Ph.D., Education Consultant
Throughout our nearly five-year relationship, Dr. Zargarpour and her team have done an outstanding job at defining the scope in alignment with our needs and interests, planning each project to achieve the highest rigor, carrying out the research with sensitivity and adaptability as needed, and writing highly readable reports that have contributed both to Bright Prospect and more generally to the field of college access and success.
— Eric Garen, President, Bright Prospect
The feedback from our annual CEC EDEVAL Lab evaluation has played an integral part in how we internally plan and implement new components of our program as we lay the foundation for organizational growth. The evaluation has also helped us to articulate results to our partners and donors so that they fully understand our impact on students and families
— Colleen Mensel, CEO of Scholars Hope (powered by El Viento)